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How To Choose A Resume Writing Service Top 7 Reviewed Resume Sites

Consider any firm's website to be the
equivalent of their OWN virtual "resume." 
In doing so, ask yourself the following: Does their site make a good first impression? Is the text on their site well-written and FREE of grammatical flaws? Are their credentials impressive? Do they have something to offer that no one else does? (Notice that most of our recommended resume services make UNIQUE offers. For example, TheResumeWritingExperts.Com is the only service guaranteeing jobs-- If you don't get hired w/ the resume that they create for you, they'll revise it, refund your money, AND pay you $50!).
Such a confident promise put them at the top of our list! Similarly, 1on1Resumes offers guaranteed interviews, free revisions of their work, and more. If you are an entry-level applicant or changing careers, then we highly recommend selecting one of the specialty resume writing services that targets your particular need. read more

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NO resume service is listed here until they have been thoroughly reviewed and tested.

Resume Services Galore!

The Internet
is filled with resume writing services. We recommend visiting at least 3-5 different services and weighing the pros and cons of each one. 
  The owners of this site were once resume clients---searching for the best resume service. The grueling process of doing so led us to the idea that it would be helpful to provide others with one clear cut, easy site reviewing only the very best firms. All recommendations on this site are based on actual facts, research, and analysis. 
ALERT!  A number of sites offer resumes for prices so low they'd have to be earning less than minimum wage to do a good job. We have yet to hear ANYTHING positive about ANY firm charging less than USD $80.

ALERT! If a site does not look good and/or read well, they will NOT produce a good-looking, well-written resume!

ALERT! Some sites specialize in specific types of resumes i.e. Career Changes, Entry Level, Sales, Federal-Resumes, etc;

Resume Writing Strategies

1. Accent your strengths with "power" words.
Do more than describe yourself, SELL yourself. Use adjectives (i.e. "successful") and adverbs (i.e. "creatively") to describe
your contributions & achievements.

2. Tell them not just what you DID, but also what you can OFFER: Too many applicants fill their resumes with bulleted points merely listing their previous/current tasks & accomplishments. However, those who are more successful transform their tasks & accomplishments into points demonstrating what they've LEARNED.

3. Hire a professional resume writer. It is extremely difficult to write effectively about ourselves. Even talented wordsmiths can benefit from having an outside, professional source crafting a quality document for them; one that complies with all of the latest trends in career marketing. Remember: Most employers LIKE the idea of applicants going out of their way to delegate the task of resume writing and invest in career assistance.  

Resume Writing Tips
Make sure your resume is FOCUSED - The employer should not have to dig through your resume in order to determine what it is you offer. Avoid the all too common “catchall” approach of inundating the employer with volumes of unrelated experience. If the employer has to “guess” what you are targeting or offer, you’ve immediately lost their interest in what could be some dynamic qualifications.
Be CONCISE - Keep the employer’s valuable time in mind when submitting a resume.  Many people believe they need to provide excessive details, when in fact, what most busy employers want is a QUICK SNAPSHOT of what you offer them. This is particularly true in challenging job markets wherethe employer has plenty of resumes to choose from!

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